Orange R610 V2


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I just got one of these Orange R610 V2 DSMX receivers today from hobbyking for £4.50!!!!!

That's so cheap that they might as well throw in a handful with every order. It bound OK with my Jumper 4in1 module, and it seems to work. They say it has good range. Has anybody tried one in an FT model, or in anything else for that matter?
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I like the R615 receivers better, but that's just because the 615 has DSMX over DSM2, which is an older protocol. They're great receivers for foam board planes since they're so cheap. I've heard of people having signal issues, but it's usually when the planes are at the edge of line of sight. :)

I've been using the Orange Receivers for a while, but I won't buy any more of them. It's not because of poor quality, it's just my severe dislike for how Hobbyking ships things and how long it takes them to fulfill orders. Because of that I've started buying Lemon-RX receivers. Similar, but ship out of the United States. :)

If the Orange receivers work for you, and you're getting them for 4.5 pounds, keep using them! :)


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I have had very good luck with the Orange receivers and the Lemons. When Hobby King put there 10 channels Gen 2 with telemetry on sale for $14 I picked up 10 of them.


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I have one I got off amazon and I like it. Haven’t had any issues and have found you can pair it with the ft 5gram servos and a small 1s lipo for nice, light glider electronics, works great!

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My sons and I have several Lemons and we have great success with them Be sure to apply the heat shrink around it to insulate the components and solder joints. The Spektrum AR610s are three to four time more expensive but the Lemons are an excellent value.