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Orange reciever compatibility ?

Have a quick question from a total flying noob. I've been into surface RC for 30 years but still trying to get a handle on the aviation specific electronics.

Would the Spectrum radio that comes with the HobbyZone Champ work with the Orange receiver that HK sells?

I am about to start scratch building some planes and thought this might be a good way to go, using one radio that I already have vs getting another radio. This simple radio seems plenty for me right now.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Yes. It wouldn't be my first choice as it's so limited in function but it will bind to it. As long as it's a DSM2 transmitter (which the champ has) it will bind. However, ***It's not a full range transmitter*** It's a park flyer transmitter designed for small planes to be flown in close. When you start building larger planes that cover more ground you will quickly exceed the range of such transmitters.

The champ is an extremely forgiving airframe. It doesn't require any expo or anything to make it fly nice. This is something to consider when you're scratch building. If you have a straight wing plane with no dihedral or large control surfaces you may want to add things that that radio is not capable of.
Thank you very much for the replies, that has been a great help :)

I didn't know that it wasn't a full power transmitter, I will certainly keep that in mind when I get to bigger planes. I currently fly in the space of about half a football field and don't have plans to go beyond that with my scratch builds till I become much more competent.

Thanks again!