Orange RX R615 and Spektrum DX6i


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Hi Guys.

I hope someone can help me sort out a problem I'm having with my DX6i and and Orange RX R615. I bought a couple of these Rx's last year and they all worked fine with my DX5 Tx. I bought a DX6i as an upgrade and now seem to have trouble getting the Tx and Rx to work together properly. After binding the light stays constant in the RX (as usual) but after a couple of minute it starts flashing and my quad starts going mad.
I've ready up on another website at it could be something to do with the 'Modulation' settings on the DX6i. I've tried both setting but the same thing seems to happen each time….

Has anyone had the same problem and managed to solve it?? Can you get the R615 Rx to work with the DX6i?



I think you need to set the "modulation" setting to DSM2 only, I'm using the Orange R620's and a Dx6i and that's what need to do, but they work well for me!