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OrangeRx Receiver Problems

I am new to RC, but plan to really try to get into it. My first investment into the hobby was an FT Racer. Bad choice? I'd say. I definitely should have either started by buying a RTF, or scratch building a simpler, easier-to-repair plane like the snowball or flyer. Anyway, I made a stupid decision in buying the racer, and now I have to pay for it. I've already crashed it thrice, every time was from hand launch. I just threw it and it pretty much flew into the ground. Albeit, every crash was closer to success. On the last attempt, i could have flown it - if i got my hand on the transmitter in time. It was flying on a downward slope and i just couldn't get my hand on the elevator in time. It was a pretty impressive crash. Luckily, there wasn't too much damage - or at least i didn't think so. That was a few days ago, and i didn't touch the plane until a few minutes ago. I tried plugging everything in, but for some reason nothing worked. I unplugged everything, so it was just the ESC, receiver, and lipo. I bought a Orange Rx R615X from the altitude hobbies website, by the way. I took off the plastic cover on the receiver, to see if there was any physical damage (which there wasn't, or at least i don't think there was), but when i took off the case i dropped the actual receiver circuit onto a carpet. No damage there. What surprised me though, was when i picked it up, the thing was so hot. Like not just regular warm, but like actual ouch-quality hot. I have no idea what is wrong with it, it simply won't turn on when plugged in, and in turn it heats up a lot. That's my question - what's wrong with my receiver? Anything helps. If it's fried and i need a new one, that's okay, it was only like $12 and i'll buy a new one. But if anyone knows what's up, do please tell me. Thanks.
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I would check the voltage coming out of the ESC to make sure something isn't wrong there. Sounds like the voltage is too high for the Rx.


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I really think and RTF SAFE plane is the best way to get into the hobby if you don't have a coach.

This response won't got to the receiver question but next time pitch the plane with your left hand. Use a neck strap and you can easily throttle up with the plane in your left hand. Then put your thumb on the right stick before launching. If you are using Mode1/3 reverse what I said.
Make sure you have the ESC lead plugged into the receiver the right way. Signal wire (white or orange) should be on top.

When you are first starting out, it's hard to get everything just right all at once. You are fighting both learning and trimming issues at the same time which is difficult. Don't give up. If at all possible, get someone to help launch your plane for the first few flights at least. That way you can concentrate on the flying part. Good luck!

I was flying my quad and big oak tree reached out and grabbed it. I finaly got it away from the menacing beast, looked like the only thing broken was a prop and a landing gear. When I got home I made the repairs, turned it on and the Orangerx receiver would not boot up.

I pulled it off and it was very hot, like yours. When I opened the case I saw one of the lil red antennas was off of the board. I attempted to re-solder it to no avail. The board did not appear to have any metal there to solder it too. The red antenna's appeared to have been glued on.

I trashed it and bought a 5 pack of Lemon receiver for $25. I did alot of research on them and the vast majority of it was very positive. There is a forum about them on RC groups forum. I have been using a Lemon in my FT flyer with no problems after 4 or 5 successful flights and 3 times that in unsuccessful flights. Lots of crashes and it still works.

My guess is that your orangerx receiver has bit the dust, just as mine has.

I would suggest a simple soarer or might mini trainer for a learning plane. While I do not have any experience with them, I did start of with the FT flyer and it has not been a good choice for me to learn on. It takes constant input to keep flying, which wears me out, as I am old. Also it is small and my old eyes cant see it very well.

Saying this , it has taught me how to fly a plane (somewhat), atleast enough to know this isnt the type of plane I want to continue to learn on. I bought a Dynam Hawksky V2, which is a powered glider, so hopefully it will fly slow and match my stick skills. I think the simple soarer or mini trainer would be good beginner planes because of the type of wings they have. Very similar to the Hawksky glider. I would have bought one of those kits to build but just dont have the time right now to build one, so I cheated and purchased a store bought. Which will probably be the only store bought plane I ever buy, lol.

Best O Luck to you ! Never give up ! Using the Ft planes is right on because they are inexpensive and easy to repair.