Orangerx t6 transmitter


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I've just ordered a transmitter named above,I've got 3 bind n fly aircraft (sport cub s, umx timber & a Frankenstein of spare parts with bnf board) and the toy transmitter that came with the sport cub s has been giving me lip, muttering anti-Semitic remarks at me under it's breath, glowing blue indicating a bad bind but all parts responding as they should, the above transmitter being dsm2 I presume will effectively replace the MLP6DSM and fly my fleet,and costing under $100 vs the equivalent Spektrum radio at $225 the price seemed right. This hobby can rapidly get out of control expensive very fast!


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I use an Orange Tx with Spektrum receivers and it works great. I've also had no issues with it muttering or having dubious political opinions so you should be fine. Good Luck!