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I have placed an order 12th April on FliteTest store... It still says manual verification required on the order status. I have created several tickets for support. But no response for over 10 days. please let me know. My latest Ticket Number is : 65742
In my credit card invoice i saw that the payment is processed... so there should not be any problem with the payment... I guess they are waiting for a product that is out of stock to arrive in their hands. But at least they can mark the order as received and being prepared


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Hi Balu! Yes, it appears it will notify me, through the forum. I'll see if I can get it to forward to my email as well.

As to the two, I see one has been resolved, and Alessandro is being assisted by Jen currently.
@FlyingMonkey there is one more problem too... They have cancelled my order since they can not ship products to Turkey... But still there is no refund made to my credit card... What can we do about that? Thanks for your instant help by the way


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I have to applaud FT - you guys are pretty much on the ball and willing to work with customers. You don't necessarily know there's a problem until someone complains, and you're quick to work to resolve it when it pops up.

This is not an easy thing to do when you have as many international customers as you do, so good job! You guys are head and shoulders above places like HobbyKing, that's for sure...
The refund was indeed made on Sunday April 22nd, I will forward the refund receipt through the ticket you have with us. It may be possible that the bank will take a few days to process the transaction, but we can confirm the payment was released that day.
Thank you for your help on it... Refund transaction appeared today (26th) on my account, but seems to be issued on 23th... I guess it's like you said, bank has processed it a few days later. Keep up the great work... Would love to be able to shop from your store. Hope it will be possible in the future