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tabWith FliteTest doing the "Drive On" channel, I popped in hoping to see maybe a basic section for ground cars on the index page. I was a tiny little bit disappointed to see that everything except airplanes and multi-rotors still appears to count as off-topic.

tabMy suggestion is as follows: Please add a subforum (containing or not: sections for the rest of the RC hobbies) so that the off-topic section can get back to being about off-topic subjects, in example, how "My dog says he used to be a full size doberman, but nobody pets him so he's shrinking away, smaller and smaller, and smaller, until eventually he'll disappear, so pet him pet him pet him" (4 whole lbs of spoiled rotten fox-terrier/chihuahua, who can't get enough attn.)

tabI realize that the index page is already kinda long, and should probably be rearranged at best already, but what other forum is as encouragingly open to experimenting with the RC hobby as FT? Especially with the closure of another forum? I won't name them directly, they were good people too though.
tabThe forum I used to use for ground car postings has removed itself from the format, now redirecting forum traffic from forum.rc-----.com to their facebok page instead, which I will not use, means I'm looking for another friendly ground car forum.

If I've missed such a section, please don't hesitate to let me know!


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I'm pretty sure DriveOn is not an FT channel- it's just a weekend hobby for Alex and Austin who happen to work there. Nevertheless it takes only a little work to add a section, and I'm sure it would be used.