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Our personal heaven viewed from above!

Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to all here and especially Chad, Josh, Josh, and David. Flitetest has been a good resource for my son and I. I started flying(or at least attempting when I was a 14 year old many years ago. I never had much success and strayed in and out of the hobby several times over the years. My son has been running cars the last 4 or 5 years and we got bit by the bug early this year when I received an r/c boat for fathers day. Needless to say Horizon, Hobby King, and Nitro Planes have become my favorite on line stores:). We probably have more planes than we should. I just can't seem to help it. My son want to get into FPV and I have been doing my best to educate myself mostly with the help of this forum. Following are a few videos taken with an inexpensive Turnigy camera from Hobby King. We are very fortunate to have use of a local private pool and park that is only about 5 minutes from our home. The first is one from this past Sunday. The weather was cool(early) but very calm. Nate placed the camera facing rearward in his 1400mm Spitfire from Nitro Planes and I attempted to chase him around with a Dynam C-47. Quite a bit of it you will want to fast forward through. The ending is funny because Nate gets aggravated with his bad landing and does one of his "redoes". The Spitfire is tough to land without nosing over even though the grass is short and mostly dormant. I am going to add flaps so he can be a little more stable on approach.

This one is with the camera attached to one of the landing gear on the C-47. Gives a nice view of the park from above. It's a cool place with a real old time feel. It really hasn't changed since I went there as a kid 35 years ago.

The last is an odd view from his Stryker. He hollowed out a few places in a spare nose cone to wedge the camera in. It's fun to watch the wings flex when the plane is under high g's. I am not sure if he does a flat spin in this video. We have a couple shot with flat spins and it is amazing.

Thanks again and hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday Season.


P.S. Sorry, I don't know how to make the fancy links.
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