Out of these foam boards, which is best to use for a twin EDF jet? elmers, pacon, royal consumer, forpro zebra and forpro o-files.


I am going to build Mid7night's twin 70mm F-4 phantom ( https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/f-4-phantom-twin-70mm-edf-monster.37592/page-8 ) soon but I dont know what brand of foam board is best for it. I can use any of the following brands, which would be best? elmers, pacon, royal consumer, forpro zebra and forpro o-files.
Also, ive had interest in https://www.aviation-design.fr/?rc-jet-model-mini-diamond but its just too expencive for me, I was thinking, would it possible to make this a 70mm/90mm foamie?
Would apprechiate any help!


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i dont know the foam brands... i live in Norway, and use the one i can get :)
About the linked plane, YES, its possible make in foamboard. Adjust size to the EDF wanted to use. I suppose no plans are to get, but use pictures of top & side, and you can make it your self. 3D drawings seems to be found, The worst thing to make would be the thin spear front. As a such sharp tip, it would be close to impossible roll it in " master style build type. (but of course other materials or build way eg posterboard could be used for last thinnest bit in front. )


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where do you live? if you live in the us get the ft foam. if not, dont get elmers, its a lot heavier then the others.
If you are new to scratch building, I wouldnt try building a mini turbine model. if you have done it before, it would be pretty easy to.