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Here's my latest build. Elmers foam boatd, twin swappable power plants, counter rotating props, dynum canopies and covered with hvac tape and orocal vinyl. Hand cut graphics.


I keep coming back to look at this! Wasn't that tape hard to get smooth. I've worked with it and seemed like I just look at it wrong and it crinkles. Wasn't trying to be pretty with it at the time though. 😎
I've done a few with it from just covering to actually making panels. Use masking tape to hold it in place, flip up n peel backing off. Let center drop and use scrap pieces of foamboard to smooth out from center to ends. If very careful can do a good job. Of occasionally might get a wrinkle so either peel off or press in and live with it! Trial and error lol. Look at videos from flite metal. Good way to make panels except u have to cut hvac tape accurately, it doesn't sand well! Good luck!


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If you have bubbles you can always take a needle make a tiny hole in the bubble and then push down the FB to get it pretty straight.
I haven't tried it w/hvac tape but on vinyl i take a small spray bottle like eyeglass cleaner purse size, mix 1 drop dishsoap fill w/water. Spray panel and back of vinyl. Gives you time to place/move then use scrap foamboard to squeegee it out.
@Racerx45 - awesome build - are you using aluminium foil tape?
I used hvac tape, just used strips this time for strength. Made panels on p51b but all that did was add weight, looked good tho. Rest is orocal vinyl, hand cut grafx.
Ty, yea these flite test planes are fun to build. Gonna start a big one soon, torn between Bob Osborne's P-82 or Don Smith's P51a. Hmmm have to figure out a way to get 'em both past my wife! Lol