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P38 Lightning build problem.

Anyone else building the P38 from downloaded plans and had the same problem I have found?
Having positioned the two fuselage booms on the wing at the measurements given in the build video, the ends of the booms are nowhere near the correct spacing for the horizontal stabilizer fitment. They seem to be about an inch too close together, which is strange as everything else so far has gone together and fitted really well. If I slide the booms out to give the correct spacing, the cut-outs for the wing are then too big.
Thanks for any advice.
I do realise that but the issue I have is that if I glued the booms on the wings in the position that is given in the build video (i.e 5.5 inches out at the leading edge and 7.5 inches out at the trailing edge) the plywood reinforcing pieces that will eventually stick out the end of the booms are nowhere near in line with the slots that are cut into the tailplane. Luckily, I checked before gluing the booms in place and could slide them further out on the wing, but it does seem a long way out - the distance between the cut-outs/slots in the tailplane is more than an inch different to the distance between the ends of the booms.
Yep . . . . that's the problem! With the booms in the supposedly correct position on the main wing, the ends of the booms are about 1inch too close together for the locating cut-outs on the tailplane/horizontal stabilizer.
Thanks for replies and suggestions. Luckily, as I said previously, I have not glued the booms in place yet so it would not be a big deal to position them to match the spacing on the locating slots in the tailplane. I realise that some discrepancies can creep in when you build from a plan and are making templates, transferring onto the foam and cutting out, but It just really puzzles me why this stage has ended up so far out when everything else up until now seems to have fitted perfectly. I wondered if anyone else reading the thread has built this model from downloaded plans and experienced the same alignment issue?


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It calculates to less than a 1 degree angle per boom. That's extremely accurate for these materials. It sounds to me like you're doing an outstanding job!