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Package issues

I ordered about $700 worth of planes for a school club recently, the order showed up today but was missing two power packs and a speed build kit. The items were listed on the packing slip but were not contained in the box. I emailed FT support about the issue but from reading around the forum their response rate isn't fantastic. Anyone know about a more expedient way of contacting them about this issue? It is rather time sensitive as we are on spring break for this week and I don't want to give only some of the group their planes next Monday.


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FT support is usually quite good unless they are in the middle of an event. Email is the best way to talk to them, they hardly have any presence on the forum.


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You are reading the FEW people's experiences who may have had problems with support. some of which were self inflicted, From my experience I would say Flite Test support is one of the best if not THE best in the business world.

I am thinking you are getting off to a bad start if you received your packages today and had an issue and are already in here putting the support team down. Its not hard to understand that FT is a reasonably big and busy company and that should not even be thinking you have a problem when your support email is not even 24 hours old. Get to three days with no response and maybe that would warrant a second email.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however as there are people here on the forums who help with the support and keep an eye out for threads like this one. More then likely one will see it in the next 24 hours and pass it along the chain in case your original message was not received.

It is possible to have this resolved in a short time frame but in reality I would not expect resolution to be on your door step in under a week


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I emailed FT support about the issue but from reading around the forum their response rate isn't fantastic.
That's the opposite of what I've read on this forum about FT support. Based on purchasing parts from FT for several years, always top notch service for me. Hope you get all your parts in time...