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Paintball Challenge


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In this episode of Flite Test, Josh, Josh and Chad show us a fun way to to use corrugated plastic? Watch as the team builds a plane that is meant to take a hit! Watch this episode to see more!
it would be so cool if you mounted one of those guns to the plane or a heli in fact and try shooting eachothers plane down.
you could also try the inferred set up of some of the tank and heli hobbyking sell to bring down each-other


I'm shocked at the irresponsibility of this episode! Next, the ATF will be monitoring RC.

Just kidding! It was a fun episode. Congrats to 'Dead Eye' Scott! I would've slapped Chad, if I were you. Poor David has been beaten around enough.


Elemental Madness
Well guys, since you have featured the Funbat in two episodes now, you are going to do a build video next, right? ;)


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You know they do have paintball grenades? I bet you could have some fun with that too.

Thanks for not shooting the Corsair. That just wouldn't have been fun to watch.


Elemental Madness
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They should a paintball challenge V2. Where with the help of David, they make an automated quad with motion sensor programmed cameras that have an automatic paintball marker which will shoot anything that moves. (What would anyone use such a quadcopter for? = Going to a soccer game and flying it past the crowd.)