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Painting Aircraft

Have you guys done a show on how you guys paint your aircraft and different was of doing it? After watching the Baby Blender build video today, I'd love to know how you did the paint job for it, the colors looked amazing. Was it rattle can or airbrush? I think you guys should do a show on painting techniques and how to mask the areas off as you are painting.

Thanks for everything that FT does!


Elemental Madness
airbrush, spraypaint, colored packing tape. I used spray paint on my super cub once, it didn't melt but did peel off pretty easy. I use colored packing tape on all my scratchbuilds.


More combat please...
+1 on the colored packing tape!
I also like to use prismatic vinyl tape or paper. Craft stores sometime have the holographic stuff and paperstreetplastics store on ebay is aslo a good source.


Senior Member
Agreed, and I think I'm repeating myself, show us some awesome painting techniques! "Weathered plane" mostly showed what you could do, not how. I'm a klutz when it comes to anything fluid (glue, paint, etc...) and all help is appreciated =).


Here's something I learned today: Krylon fusion CAN be used on extruded polystyrene, but be VERY careful in its application. My suggestion is to seal the foam with Minwax Polycrylic first. Doesn't add that much weight if you apply light coats.