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Painting the planes

Hi. I'm new to flirt test. I built the Nutball. I painted it with paint I always use ... But I was painting blue fan fold foam. When I painted the Nut Ball the paper pealed off. What paint can be used on this foam?

Also, I find that the paper peals off easily during construction. I spend a lot of time regluing the paper back on. A little help on this please.



You can apply a very thin coat of hot glue at the paper edges to help hold it down. It may be best to simply peel off the paper to begin with, though. If you are going to spray the paper, be sure to do it with very light, dry coats.


Senior Member
The paint should be sprayed on several very light coats. Any paint will do, if you are very careful.

To keep the paper from peeling, I put a thin bead of hot glue on the exposed foam of the edge then quickly squeegee it smooth.

If you don't mind a heavier plane, you can skin the board with colored packaging tape before the build.