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Painting tips

I'm just about ready to get underway with the scratch build of the baby blender, and was wondering does regular blue painters tape work well on dollar tree foamboard? I'm looking to knock this out in about a weekend, and would hate for something to go wrong while painting. Does the paint bleed through, or the tape tear the paper of the foamboard at all? If that's not the best solution, please let me know if there's something better out there. Just Looking for a decent solution to get nice crisp lines on my project.
I used regular masking tape on my "old fogey's cousin" plane, but didn't put any on the foam until I had the base color laid down. I have not tried masking tape on the bare paper. I would recommend taking a scrap of foam and doing some tape tests before committing to the plane. Laying down your tape is what is known as a critical step, i.e. no turning back once you do it:D Dust the paint on and don't ever put it on thick enough to really get the paper wet. Wet paper will lift every single time.