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Paper Airplane Challenge

I've seen a lot of RC Paper airplane look a likes for the Dart/Delta style paper airplanes but I haven't seen seen many other paper airplanes implemented. I've been working on a design and through it would be fun to challenge the community and see what others come up with.

  1. Build a paper airplane.
  2. Make an RC version out of foam board.
  3. Share a video of both of them flying (only 1 battery of the foam version)
  4. Post your video by March 17, 2020

  1. One point per minute of flight time.
  2. One point per type aerobatic maneuver: roll, loop, etc... please annotate on the video if possible.
Places to get inspired:
The paper airplane guy (John Collins) has a lot of great paper airplanes. He has the world record for farthest distance by a paper airplane. His world record plane is on youtube.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Funny this thread popped up. I found and bought an old how to make paper airplanes book at a flea market my friends drug me out to just before bad weather hit. Thought they would make good examples to mess around copying as foam board chuck gliders. Then I realized I was out of FT foam board and the local dollar store no longer sells the readyboard. They have this heavy stuff with really thick paper on it with this insane glue that actually tears off chunks of the foam out if you try to peel the paper.
Finally got out and flew mine this last weekend. Didn't go to well but just a simple repair to glue the motor back on. Once I got the ailerons reversed it was a lot easier. :) Unfortunately the video had some technical issues.