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Paragliding - Super cheap and easy !

Just flew today with a paraglider with some friends, very simple project and cheap .... the way we like it :p

Aldi and Beto (friends) Project:


We have this simple mecanism of turning, just bend the aluminum bar to the side of the turn; you can notice a little trouble to turn to the right and we dont know why .... we are researching the other way of turning but involves much complicate Tirant/Strings arrangement.

Hope you enjoy the music HA HA !
Cool little para-glider! Is that a scratch built?
Could the difficulty in turning to the right be due to motor/prop torque?
Yes, scratch build; the sail we order from a guy who makes for the real ones ....

And yes for the prop torque, most likely.

nonetheless, superfun !!! fly like you stole it !!! stress free !!!
It will be the torque from the motor. I fly real paramotors, and when you are accelerating its difficult to turn one way.
Nice little trike you made there. :D
here goes the V1 version of the Paramotor... the latest video was suspended because of the music

for those who wanted to see the video:

We are thinking on selling a ARF kit; anyone interested ?? (trike + sail)
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JT Jack

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Hello KKArioKA'
I see you toppic rc paragliding. and I wonder what a parachute you have flown.
can I order this from you ?
Or do you have an address where I can order cheap.
I know that this is an old forum section, but maybe you can help me.
here a photo of my own gondola

Thanks in advance. JT Jack image.jpg
sorry teflyer, just noticed your post TODAY !!! ill see if i can buy another sail for you, ill be back to tell ou how much it costs ...