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park zone Ultra micro spitfire mk ix

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Junior Member
HOWDY, I am still kind of new to the hobby so my apologies in advanced. so this is my first review, this is my third airplane second store bought, ( mini super cub and flite test nutball). so the plane is a little bigger then i thought, at a 15 in wing span and 13 in long. it has a 1s 150mamp 25c lipo battery, and 4 channels. it took around 30 mins to charge for the first time and then it was off to the flying field! the first flight was at low rates 70. so for flying i say it was good i deiced to bump the elevator up to 100 rolls need 100 rate on all controls. This plan has speed but no thrust so loops are really hard to do (to date on all three flight i have only done 1 loop) this was a quick review so i will add more to it later.