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Parks and Rec Demo - Attempting to Educate rather than Regulate


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About 7 weeks ago, one of the cities in my area (I'm from the Tri-Cities, WA) decided to look into banning "drones" in public parks. I attended the meeting as a representative of the hobby and was met with a lot of skepticism, but some open minds. At the end of the meeting the members of the Parks and Rec asked me if I would put together a demonstration for them. I was ready to go right then, but they asked for a date to be determined.

They later contacted me and setup for the 9th of this month, a week ago. I setup a nice demo for them including flying my 350 QX with FPV. The local news paper was on hand and did a story about it which came out yesterday. I was actually really impressed by the story and thank the Tri City Herald for putting it together.


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Nicely done! It is also nice to see a report of a situation where all parties looked at an issue with open minds to share information to define a solution.


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Nice job representing the hobby! :applause:

It goes to show how media fear can cause a huge impact with people that don't know any better. It looks like it was well received, maybe inspired some people to get in the hobby too!