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ParkZone ICON A5


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh talk about amphibians! This ICON A5 is an amazing plane, that is also very versatile, on land or water. Watch this episode to see more!



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yes! I have been looking out for this since the Flying on Water Tip!!! And there it is finally! nice timing!


Just watched it! All around an awesome plane! I am actually considering to get it, not now but soon, because of its variety in usage, snow/water/land/FPV! Thats a cool plane!

Aaaand of course awesome review as always! Also the footage from Davids Tricopter was excellent this time!
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Stuck in Sunny FL
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Argh! Poor Josh Scott. He wanted to try it sooooo bad!

You guys should have put it in the air, and let him give it a try!

I bet he could have done a circuit or two no problem.

I felt for him there at the end.
@ 2:30.

I would buy this now if it was available for purchase! :)

Can't wait for this. It seems there is not much buzz about it on the internet though. Guess people are just waiting to buy it...

Also that gopro mount is pretty cool!
What a nice aircraft and a really really nice episode ! Good Job!
I like this plane, it seems like a high quality product. The "engine sound" is great :)
A bit too expensive for my wallet though


This is an airplane with that "IT" factor (to quote those horrible, talent, reality TV shows). But at $279.00, I find the price tag to be very off-putting. Is the high cost a reflection of licensing from Icon?
Nice plane... Defintely going to get this plane... Request to the camera guys.. How about taking some close up still shots of the FPV Canopy and described what was done. Looked very good with the HERO setting up there in the Cockpit. Also, to the Technical person. It looks like it had a transmitter (or at least an antenna). How did you interface it to the HERO or did I see something wrong?

Thanks guys. Job well done.
Ok I want one just not soon. A bit pricey but definitly shaking the ole piggybank
Josh Bixler is such a woosey he should of let Josh fly it. I bet in real life Josh can fly rings around Bixler ok I exagerate some but still let the man fly


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Great review guys. What a nice looking plane
I especially liked the Terminator guy :D
Josh Scott didn't get to fly the plane though... Whyyyyyy :(


Stuck in Sunny FL
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I think there should be an episode where it looks like Josh S and a camera man sneak out with some planes, and Josh is filmed trying to fly them all...

Then putting all the broken ones on the counter, and running away... :D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hehe, I could perfectly imagine him doing that :D But I wouldn´t be mad at him, you know, he just wants to fly :D:D

Anyway the Icon A5 is definetely worth having a closer look at, but what I try to do before I buy anything is look what the people in forums have said about that plane. If there are hundreds of shared experiences they will also talk about the minor points that weren´t made so good on the A5 and which will only come up if you fly the plane for more then one or twice.