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Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt

I bought the P-47 expecting it to be a good aircraft because HH has been really good at almost everything they put out. I purchased it through my LHS and not directly through HH because I believe in supporting LHS and the local economy.

As usual, the airplane came in the standard Parkzone box and everything was really well packaged. Zero flaws in the foam and all of the peices, to include extra, where there. My daughter has always watched me fly and build and do videos for fun so I decided to do a special "Daddy/Daughter" un boxing video. Basically just went through the box to check out the pieces and size up the assembly process. All I can say is that it was easy. 11 total screws to tighten and that did it. That even included the landing gear. Before I go on to something else, here is the video of my daughter and I:

Next I assembled the airplane with those screws and connected all of the clevises to the control horns. For the purpose of fun, I added flaps too with some left over SV1081 long lead servos from Parkzone. That whole process took about 30 minutes and was really straight forward. After everything was assembled, I plugged in the battery and centered all of my control surfaces using the clevises and readied her for flight the next day.

As for the maiden, that went well. The landing gear is beefy and springy so that helps if you have a rough landing. Upon take off, I noticed that the torque of the motor pulls the plane left so you will need to compensate for it with rudder. This brings me to my next thing, rudder authority. On the normal position of the control horns and 100% throw, the rudder is weak at best so you will need to adjust the control rod on the horns to gain more authority. The tail is very light and lifts really quickly and the tail wheel does you no good then.

Flaps: As for the flaps, I tried a landing without them and it was quick. It landed almost like the Extra 300 from Parkzone. Not that scale of a look and it rolled for ever. I took off again and circled around for a landing with the flaps down. I was only using a DX5e TX so they only had one position--all of the way down. The airplane slowed way down and the angle of attack was almost automatic at about 1/4 throttle. The landing with the flaps engaged was way more manageable and scale looking. I would definately recommend the extra 22 bucks for the servos to do the flap setup.

To sum it all up. The airplane is extremely well built and loves to fly smooth. What do I mean by that? I mean that it is a warbird and isn't really designed to do anything but dive fast and fly straight lines and smooth, swooping turns. The plane will fall from the sky if you are not careful with the throttle. I haven't dialed up the throws yet but I am sure that will help a lot. I would recommend this airplane to anybody looking for a good 4-6 channel airplane.

I hope that you enjoyed the videos and the review. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.



Cuteness level is off the charts!

"Charge the battery and fly! Vroom Vroom Vroom!!!!!"

Awesome, man. As a parent, I enjoyed this thoroughly.
That is a very pretty plane! Is there an option for retracts?
Yes there is an option for stock landing gear, there is landing gear designed for landing on grass and rough surfaces, and retracts. The stock gear mount can also mount the gear so it is inside the wing in a retracted configuation for belly landing. They also include a skid plate in case you choose that method.