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Pat Tritle Nieuport 28


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I didn't build this but Pat does such good work I thought I'd post this as a story of interest. I didn't know about Pat but I kept seeing some amazing balsa builds hanging from the ceiling of my local hobby shop. After inquiring about them I learned a little about Pat Tritle. It turns out he fly's at the same field I do and he lives only about 5 miles away. After bumping him at the field I asked him if he had any of his models for sale. It turns out he did. I went to his house to look around and it was like a candy store. He must have had between 30 and 40 planes and boats in there. They're hard to ship. I asked him which ones he was willing to part with and this Nieuport was one of them. Having just read a historical novel on the air war in WWI it caught my eye. It came with a couple of servos and I had to install the motor, esc and receiver. Its incredibly light and delicate. I don't expect to do much with it except fly it around in circles and maybe an occasional loop.

The original build log from 2007 is on RCGroups here:
35" Nieuport 28 Build - RC Groups

Pat's website is here:
Home (patscustom-models.com)
Take a look at his 60" Constellation

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Gorgeous model airplane. I'd fly it ... on a day with perfect weather and after I'm good and warmed up on a few other airplanes. I'd really like to see that in the air.


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I did fly it and it flys great. Nice scale flight with a 2208 motor and 450mah 2 cell. Even though I didn't build it, its very fulfilling to see it in the air. I'll try to get some video but the field is closed for 2 months for Balloon Fiesta. It opened up a whole new area of interest for me - there could be some balsa builds in my future!
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