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PBY Catalina, an overambitious second build.


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I've always liked the idea of the pop top. My little yawl is a Black Skimmer designed by Phil Bolger and built by the folks at Nexus Marine in Everett.
Just checked out the websight, that is a cool boat! A little nicer than my old beat up boat! The pop top is nice for sure. I'm about 6' 1" and if I put the little dodger on it when overnighting It makes for a nice place to stand in the cabin and get dressed and such.

Nice boat yourself Hondo. Pinkish windows and a pop-top make me think MacGregor? Never tried flying from mine.
Nice little O'day! Where are you sailing from? I've been gearing up for a trip to the Apostle islands one of these summers, though it looks like this year might be a bust...

Thanks! she's due for a little paint and some TLC (and to swap out the ugly pink windows! lol) but she's a good little sloop, a "real" Mac sailboat, the 26D, not the motor-sailor! :)

I'm planning a day here soon to get the old girl out and in the water so I can make a video flying some planes from it at the lake!

And, complete hijack... but always fun to share some sailing adventures: