PEI Replacement Sheet


I printed a small piece in TPU and it was really stuck to the PEI sheet (Prusa MK2S 3D printer) which was unusual. I twisted as I tried to release it (as I usually do) and up came a big chunk of the PEI sheet. :mad:

Anyone replace the PEI sheet with this off of Amazon?

Ordering from Prusa will take longer and cost this much just in shipping charges.



I just realized this is the glue portion only, still need to get the PEI sheet as well. I ordered the replacement from Prusa. Will just need to shift my prints in the meantime.


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It looks like the amazon link does include both.

Take your time with the application... you get one shot at that 3M stuff!... (ask how I know! L:ROFLMAO:)


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I used to use PEI on all my machines, but I have started to switch over to polycarbonate sheeting. way cheaper then PEI. see if you have a local plastic supply shop. I got a 1/32" x 2' x ' sheet for about $15 from a local plastic shop. works great. some people have said they dont even need to use their heated bed with PC sheeting, but I havent tried it myself yet. You still need the 3m 467/468 tape but even a big role of that is cheaper then replacing a PEI sheet more then once.

As far as the GizmoDorks PEI sheet, yes it works great, that what i was using till my switch to PC.