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PERFECT GoPro mount for HK Bixler!

Nice - It looked like it did not fit perfectly -can you glue it together in position?
I'm going to fabricate my own from coroplast (or similar from old signs)

I also want it to house my FPV-electronics inside the Bixler.

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The funny thing about that mount is that it was actually design by the guy who made the one I showed. I did some readings and he allowed HK to copy his design and add some notches for more strength.
That's great for the guy! They could at least have put a link to his website so he'd get more traffic...
There are several designs out there. Diydrones has a version that houses the Oilpan/shiled as well as camera, videolink and GPS.

I am more into a design that extends into the fuselage.
US$1.73 dollars with buddy code ... i pay that to use the restroom at the beach :p

also i will get a chance to copy the design to laser cut a copy later ....

mine is already ordered HA HA HA


Rotor Riot!
From the ILoveFPV email newsletter:

Hi Everybody!

Exciting news - I've just released version 2 of my Bixler/Sky Surfer camera mount PDF plans!

Flying my original Bixler camera mount has been great, but in the past 6 months of flying it there were a few design issues which I needed to address:

1. Getting the camera high enough so that the nose of the plane is not in the image. I'd like my videos and photos to be of just the scene. To do this I needed to raise the camera slightly.

2. Making it easy to mount my Hobby King 5.8G FPV video transmitter

3. Getting the wiring into and out of the fuselage in a more organized manner.

(while keeping the design just as simple to build as the original)
I used to fabricate similar mounts when I used an Easy Star for aerial photography.

Have you a laser cutter?!?

NO !! hehe !! but a friend of mine is a product designer and he was telling me that he can laser cut projects for around 3 dollars, almost any material: Wood, ABS, plastic, Foam, EPS ....

My mind is boiling with possibilities !!! ;)


Minnesota Flyer
The designer just came out with a v2 of the mount (as you may have seen from colorex's post). This mount gets the nose out of the shot and also is supposed to be more designed for FPV! You should see the Version 2.0 on the top of the main page