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Perfect Hand Lauching - How To?

Hello, there. I'm from Brazil and I build my first ever plane, the FT Swapable Spitfire. I like build it. But now I don't konw how to hand lauching it. What the perfect trottle, do I have to keep the zero elevation? Any tips?
Sorry about my english. Wishing the best for you.

Oh, almost forgot to show the plane: photo.JPG
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It really depends on the balance and trim of the plane. I don't have this plane but based on videos it seems this plane usually like a gentle, slightly upward toss, at about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle.
Yeah… The CG is fine… Right there once they said… This is my second one. The first I crashed so bad, broke the props… But, for the first one I don't estimate the CG. Thanks, guys!


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about 75%throttle, up and to the right, holdit right behind the wing. GENTLE toss. The intitial release will have it roll to the left abit. If you threw it with a little right roll in the toss, it will level out in a sec and off you go!


DON'T GIVE UP!!!! You'll get there. Is it possible for you to post a video of the launch? Are your controls moving in the direction they should be (nothing reversed?) How much movement on the control surfaces?


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If you can put landing gear on it and take off like a full scale plane. I find his to be much easier with most planes when I can do it.

Before you give up try a simpler plane. Build the FT Flyer and try that. If you have never flown learning to fly with this plane might be what is making this so hard for you. In order to be flying at all you have to have a radio and all the gear, it would be a shame to stop now when you already have the things needed to enjoy this hobby.


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The spit is really easy to fly for a 4 channel warbird. But that doesn't mean it's "easy to fly" :)

For a first plane ever and hand launching I'd definitely suggest something else.

I'm just getting started myself so I'm not that quick to give much advice...but at the same time I have learned a few things already so...

The FT Flyer is a great easy to build and easy to fly first plane. It only takes a single sheet of foam board and you can probably build it in an hour...yes it would be best with a smaller motor but really it's worth the time and extra motor to build one and learn the basics with first. Taking off from gear is much easier than hand launching when you're first getting going....All of the planes I've had problems with were planes that had to be hand launched, I'm getting better at it...and haven't had any problems with hand launching my spitfire yet...but it's considerably trickier to hand launch than take off from gear.

I'd strongly suggest putting the Spitfire on the wall for a few weeks and building a Flyer to get started with. A nutball is easier to build and not much harder ot fly but in my experience is a bit harder to get setup and harder to fly because it's hard to tell front/back/left/right in the air and the original plans were rather vague about CG. Basically I'd stay away from anything with Ailerons until you're feeling good with a RET (Rudder/Elevator/Throttle) setup. Then I'd suggest something like the Bloody Wonder over the Delta since it just feels more stable to me and mine has survived more and harder crashes than any of my others so far.

Honestly - I suspect the spitfire is a bit much for my own skills at this point. It's tricky to hand launch since there's no good spot to grip it from underneath. It does handle great once it's up there - but getting a few mistakes high can be tough when you're still learning.

FWIW - I still haven't had what I'd call a successful flight with either my Baby Blender or my Spitfire. The Blender I just can't hand launch and my gear is too weak to support it...I just made new gear for it but havne't had a chance to try flying it since I made it. The Spitfire I've come close to my definition of a successful flight (which I'm defining as flying for a full battery charge and landing well enough it can fly again with no repairs) but so far all of my flights have ended with unscheduled "landings" due to me having a bit to much fun with it ;)
Do what jhitesma said. If you can build a spitfire you can build an FT Flyer. Then you may need to adjust some things on your transmitter, I'm not sure what kind you have, but expos help to soften the controls. Good luck and don't give up, I starte like you, but with a flying wing, but I had the same trouble, then I made an FT Flyer and got the hang of it. Now I have a P-47 and can fly it no problem!
Thanks! Nice tips and ideas. I'll never give up. I do like this idea of take off footage… Gonna make it. I decided to not build a new one until learn to hand launch.

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Seems like a lot of work to avoid learning to hand launch. Not a bad Idea, but I think people should learn to hand launch. My 2 cents.