perhaps I'm a little bit backwards compared to others...


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All right, first and foremost I love the RC plane hobby. I love RC planes...I love building them...I love flying them.

I also, for the most part, enjoy socializing with people, making friends in the hobby, etc. Occasionally I have what me and my wife call "people overload"...where sometimes we just want our peace and quiet. I think we all those moments sometimes.

When our RC club has its meetings and folks are there with the planes, flying, etc. I get sucked into the world of chit chatting moreso than flying. It seems like some of the other older guys are the same way. I may have a car full of planes ready for the day, but it's possible they may sit there on meeting days. Part of this honestly, is fear of crashing in front of fellow members. I've crashed em before and gotten to a point where I laugh and shrug it off (well depending on the plane). So, not really bothered if I happens. But in front of my fellow club members, I don't think so. And really, they are a great group of guys who are definitely more there to offer help than to criticize.

And going back to what I was saying above, I actually enjoy flying when I am the only person at the club. It's peaceful, quiet, no distractions, etc. And no one else will see me if I crash. :D


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I think you'll find that you are not very different from other people here ;)! I can do the same thing at times. But you gotta do what makes you happy and if flying solo is it, more power to you!


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I also find flying alone to be enjoyable, but I find flying with a group even better. I want to be the best pilot I can be, but I don't think I want to be the only one in the world who never crashed. Wouldn't everyone else feel just a bit intimidated? I'm proud to say I'm a member of the club, the SAD club (Society of Aircraft Demolishers). That's why I fly FT planes, they don't hurt the pocket book nearly as much when (not if) they hit the ground. Some of my crashes were truly a sight to behold. I'm glad I got to enjoy it with those who I can call my friends. To quote the great Canadian philosopher Red Green, "we're all in this together and I'm pulling for you".

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Sounds like I should be a member too. Have a warning label to not let me near any balsa planes and that I play best and safest with foamboard. :D