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Phantom V2 - DLG - design build

My next job is the shear web - I have laminated 8 strips of the 80g 90/0 CF weave to make a 1mm thick strip - the first process will be to glue the shear webs into the foam wing panels - the second step will be to sand in the top and bottom rebates to glue in the 3x1 CF flats - I did consider a stressed wing construction but I decided on the shear web spar and will lay the cloth skins at 45 deg with a 90/0 doubler strip over the spar and TE.

I am also gluing the butt joins of the three wire cut wing panels with 3M77.

The shear webs are cut and the epoxy is curing - tomorrow I will put the caps on - the process will be to sand in a 3x1mm flat recess then epoxy the caps into place - I may do one side first depending on how fiddly the process is.

So the big news of the day is I am going back to dihedral (6 deg per side) for this build - my mates convinced me to keep it simple - ditch the extra servos - get the weight down - print a new wing saddle mould - live the easy life!

Well here goes nothing - I cut the top slots and epoxied the caps into place - I have the epoxy curing for an hour or so with the mylar in place - then I will check if there are any voids and top up the epoxy for the final cure - a lot of work for these little buggers!

Now for the other side - all the practice yesterday made it all a bit easier today - I also changed the sanding grit to 80 and the slots were done in a breeze - the top side has glued well, but I suspect the bottom will be better!

Knocked off a few small jobs while the wings are curing - I put the first coat of PVA on the fuse moulds - recycled my throwing peg - de-glued the wing servos - good thing about 5min epoxy it peels off - I am getting excited about next weeks jobs.

The V1wing is fully decommissioned - it is a nice foil but you can see the heavy skins - it was just too heavy for a DLG.