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Pheonix multiplayer thread

Just so you know, if you buy Phoenix, to get it to work with a Turnigy 9x you need to use an emulator. I guess if you bought the proper version of the software, it shouldn't be illegal to do so :)
Emulators did not worked for me. Bought it for 9 dollars at dealextreme.com
Are the 3d maps working for you?


Propaganda machine
I don't use it. I, er, downloaded it a while ago to see what it was like. It's a great sim compared to FMS and Clearview, and I highly recommend it to people as an alternative to RealFlight.

By the way, if you're having a community flight, have one at Kambah Field for me...


How many letters do we ge
Haha Mrs Glydr judging on your ava you like helis, maybe a chance that you can give me some tips on helis that have the same charasteristics as a quad? Maybe anytime in the next 3 weeks if Mrs Glydr is ready with her book?

Charasteristics what a hard word :p

Arman, nonamerc

(I am dutch)
Sorry to miss this post, would be glad to help Arman. There is a good quad on Phoenix. As for real helis which are like quads, possibly the cheap fixed pitch little helis are the closest things. I run a $30 hobbyking baby fixed pitch and am amazed how good it is for so cheap. Or of course the v929 quad from banggood.com (as well as hk) is a real quad for less than $50 delivered.

typing on a phone, Mrs Glydr is still writing fiction!