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Phoenix RC Flight Simulator v5 w/USB cable & Spektrum DX4e Controller (no RF)

A hard to find, increasingly rare item here.


An original, pristine copy of Phoenix v5 RC flight simulator and the coveted USB connector/dongle that unlocks the sim.
As a bonus, included here is a Spektrum DX4e controller that works just great with this setup. While it does not have the RF module, it works great with the simulator, so you should have everything you need to get started building your RC flight skills here!

Included in used, but great condition:
- Original DVD of Phoenix RC v5
- OEM, genuine USB adapter cable
- Spektrum DX4e controller (without RF module).

Note that while the DX4e does not have the radio module, it works perfectly with the USB connector cable for this simulator.

But, it will also work as a "buddy box" via a trainer cord if you want to go out to the field and take your learning to the next level with real RC planes!