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PID settings for 3 blade props

Hi all,

First off, sorry, i hope i posted this thread in the right place. I apologise if not.

I was seeking some help, and became interested in what PI (D) settings I should have for three blade props on a quad? I heard they are slightly different to two blades, because of efficiency etc.

I recently purchased a kk 2.1.5 board for my hk 250 fpv quad. And i understand it only has PI not the D.

I also heard all the default setting for the P and I are different. And should be changed for 3 blade props.

Has anyone any help or idea of what settings i should have for my quad?



Staff member
That does not only depend on the props, but on your quad size, the motors, the weight, etc.

You have to try and figure out the perfect setup yourself.

I've not done that yet, but afaik you need a calm day and start by increasing the P, move the sticks and see if the multirotor starts to "wobble". This means that it's overshooting while trying to reach a position. Then you turn down the P a little and have found it's value.

After that you do the same with the I. It will oscillate at a different frequency though.

There's a few videos on youtube showing how to tune the KK boards.