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Piggyback Plane


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Episode was good, but....

What's the story on this new camera?

Was that the recording from it? It looked almost as good as the GoPro.

What LRS system are you guys operating?

What are you using for the pan on the camera? Is it a knob on the controller, or have you got some sort of head tracking?

Thanks for the episode. I think I had as much fun trying to figure out answers to these questions, as I did "hanging out" with you guys at that farm while you fiddled with trying to get that plane back to the runway.
Very nice episode, and always with new ideas! I love your show!

Could you point us where we can get plans or kits of the carrying structure? I would like to try it with my bro :)


Junior Member
Hey guys... Thanks again for the nice episode...! Really great show!

I was wondering what the small extension on your video TX was. adapter, attenuator or a band pass filter or ... ??

Greets from Switzerland : )


Junior Member
Im curious what is it that is plugged into the vrx and audio jack on the FPV goggles you guys are using? Some sort of home brewed speaker for the variometer to sound thru?