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Plan suggestion for 18650 battery.

That would seem like a very heavy pack for a 3cell model. It strikes me that the power required to keep the model in the air is limited by the pack rating of 15/20 amps. Maybe an FT Guinea Pig might work but I would not be too confident.


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The only thing with 18650s that I've gotten to fly is the Nano Goblin from Strix. Everything else, i just don't see it as a viable battery pack for the weight.


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For a 3P pack, you should be able to do 60 Amps...... There is an inverse trade off between C rating, and mah. Somebody has been playing with 18650s in a Strix Stratosurfer, and has it up to about 50 minutes of mild flying. 18650s are great for endurance, but not great for speed/power.

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I'm working on a similar pack right now for my sea duck. I've been flying with a 10,000 mah lipo that weighs 1lb 9oz and I can cruise at about 8-10 amps continuous. I think I can get that down to 5 or 6 by refining the wing in my next build.
a lot of long range flyers are starting to use 18650s
the C1 Chaser wing guys are using the 18650 packs and reporting 45 min- 1 hr flight times
due to the low power management/consumption of the long range flyers trying for distance

I too have been looking into this am going to build a pack to test against a couple 4 cell lipos to test in my C1 wing
I am already using 18650's to power my taranis radio and also the R9M long range module
I have a 56volt ego battery with a few bad cells that I should look into scavenging batteries they are not 18650's but I will look into this too???

lets us know your results
hahha yeah dont believe the specs.
the first pack I soldered up was with cheap Chinese over rated batteries I scavenged out of something, it could only spin the motor for a short time as the voltage would drop so fast, so I use them for low demand transmitter batteries instead

this is where you really get what you paid for
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normally,cheap ones is "cheap effect", if want effect as said up here, continious amps over 25-30, you never get it by cheap batterys ..and every battery with named something with "FIRE" is that, easy bust in fire..
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