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Plane Retrieval


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Have you ever flown your RC plane right into a tree? Or onto a roof? Well... we have. And in this episode, we will show you the many different ways of retrieving your planes... as "safely" as possible.




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Those are some drastic measures you guy had to resort to. Coincidentally, I offer a plane/heli "ReTreeval" service in, and around Lexington, Ky where I live. I am an experienced tree climber, and have many tricks, and tools that can be employed to rescue stranded models. If you ever find yourselves in this situation again, and you don't want to destroy your investment, I would make a special trip for you guys, for the opportunity to hang out with the cool kids.
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More combat please...
Me- in the tree- plane was high enough that a 30 foot pole wouldn't reach-

I had to climb maybe 15 to 20 before i could get it with the pole.

Most dependable method so far? Pay a kid 5 bucks to climb the tree



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Couldnt resist this , one of my mates, Pat, over at the HK forum recently posted how us Aussies go about plane retrieval , Its nice to have all the toys on hand LOL :D


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Best system I've found is a fishing bait catapult. I tie the end of a ball of string to a stone and catapult it across a branch near to the stricken model so I can shake the tree from near the model. So far have 100% success rate and believe me some have been pretty high up.


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colorex - I would first try using a ladder and PVC pipe, but if that doesn't get it out the only other way I could see working would be throwing a football at it :p


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What I did once is taking ALL the brushes and any kind of long sticks that you have lying around at home and try to zip tie them and taping them together + a ladder.

My Parkzone Extra300 was in a tree once that was VERY high and it was lying on the top! Got it out with that method after a while of intense shakind of the long rod and sweating. That stick was really heavy :D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hahah Andre, its alright :D I was just wondering how you thought I made that vid, without having done one at all.

BTW: Welcome back after your absent :D