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Plane storage method


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Obviously, there are many methods for us to store our planes, and eventually, I want to build a nice PVC rack against one wall that the planes can be slid into easily after returning from the flying field. For the time being, though, I stumbled onto this idea. There were a few of these lanyards being tossed out at work (we can only use ones that have the break-away clip in the back now), so I snagged them, thinking they might be useful. After trying it with a couple of planes, I ordered a pack of fifty from Amazon for about $15. The flat strap helps distribute the load on the plane, so that there is less likely to be hanger-fatigue on the plane, and the spring clips make them easy to put up and take down.



This is the pack of lanyards I bought, though there are multiple other sellers out there, including you can probably get them from local hardware or office supply stores, if you prefer keeping your business to nearby merchants.



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For my Bushwacker, that has the rubber bands holding the wing, I have the loops around the fuselage, much as I do for Fawkes in the original post. For the Mustang, the Scout, and the Versawing, I have them around the wings. For my Freewing 64mm F-22, they're around the fuselage just in front of the nosewheel, and then over the "wedge" between the engine nozzles.

So far, it seems to be working real well. The clips hold just fine.


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As a wing is much stronger on edge than flat it is structurally kinder to store a plane vertically. Even tail planes have relatively strong leading edges so where ever possible mine are 'hung' on the wall using soft string around the rear fuselage like this.

Most planes are likely to spend 99% of the time 'in storage' so it pays to be kind to them.


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good idea !! i find the rubber bands holding the wings on dont last too long ...they perish over time !! but found a you tube vid by Numa Vig with an idea that might last a bit longer for storage purposes...as it is i take all wings off and store separate to the fuselage's ...which hang from soft string tied to a pole ,which hangs from the ceiling .
mostly hung by the prop adapter ... IMG_20200427_105317.jpg IMG_20200427_105317.jpg IMG_20200427_105349.jpg IMG_20200427_105425.jpg
last piccie is the idea by Numa for rubber bands...


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Being a single guy with the whole place to myself, every square foot is my toy box!
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2'x4' pegboard. It would be awesome to stack two of these vertically and have an 8' plane storage tower.
(Nerf blasters because, you know, zombies. When they come I'LL be prepared. Will you?)
When the Zombies come, I'm planning on hiding at work, because even Zombies aren't stupid enough to look for brains in that place.