Planes: Fire & Rescue Challenge


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We were extremely inspired by Disney's new Planes movie which featured an all new cast of characters, along with a few returning favorites.
One of the best parts about the new film is that the planes all had a specific job to do. We though it would be cool to try and make functional foam versions of them.


Our good friend Dusty came back with a new pair of shoes! So we attached a pair of Hobby Zone Super Cub LP Floats to our old FT Duster!


One of the new faces came in the form of a C-119 Flying Boxcar named Cabbie! The hatch in the back needed to drop something so we gave him a little dozer buddy equipped with a parachute.


Last but not least, we have Dipper, a water bomber with our design loosely based off the Grumman Goose.


Inside Peter created a water bucket made from a red plastic cup fashioned to a servo.


The servo dumps the water out of a chute in the back. We did need something to test the water bomber on so we had to set something on fire...


...and Austin "volunteered".






After a few attempts we did eventually get close. This design fly very much like a cub. Coordinated turns will be your best friend.


The FT Flying Boxcar can best be described as a gentle giant. No bad tendencies and functions just like a trainer.







We hope this inspires you to try and make your own functional designs.
Also, if you haven't seen Planes: Fire & Rescue we recommend taking the whole family! It's a fantastic story with a great message to enlighten the kids and entertain the parents.


  • FT Goose Plans(COMING SOON)

What other movie inspired planes would you like to see?


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Ok I love it, got to look into that C-119

Also suspect that a major influence for Dipper was the CL-215


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LOL! Looked at the plans for the C-119 and HUGE!!! Even too big for my 44" wide color printer! May have to re-organize them in illustrator to fit into 44" wide paper.

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Any chance of maybe labeling the parts in the plans? There are some in the FT Flying Boxcar that are a little ... vague.
Thanks for the great work that you do!


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Motor/Prop Info

Can you provide recommended motors/props for the Boxcar and Goose? That would be a big help.


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I love all these Planes themed Planes. think I will be building them right after my Disney vacation in two days. Thanks again guys you are doing an awesome job. Also What electronics did you use so we all know what to buy.


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Great episode guys! Awesome to see Eric back in the middle of things.

Alex is doing a wonderful job with the air to air footage!

I am running out of room in my place for planes. And really like the boxcar, flies so slow and scale, love it!
Hopefully a boxcar build video will be out soon! Great episode! Maybe we can even get a Flight of the Phoenix derivative from the boxcar!!

EDIT: I just watched the video again and heard one of them, Peter I think, mention Flight of the Phoenix! Too cool. It's one of my favorite movies, both the old and the new!
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I loved it!
Great episode guys, absolutely a classic!

Those 2 new planes look incredible and very easy to build.:)


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Loved the new planes! Good to see the contribution of Peter showing up early with the great planes designs and paint jobs!


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I'm looking forward to seeing how Peter waterproofs foam board. Hopefully I can finish my DHC-2 Beaver before then. Then I can wait on releasing it into an article until right after that episode comes out. *evil laugh*