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PLANS, PLANS, PLANS!! - Printing Service


Plans are a staple for many of us in this hobby. We use them on our builds and our repairs. They are a scratch builders best friend (even when we decide to deviate from the plans

If you have plans that need printing, I've got you covered! With my LP-1030 I can print on up to 36" wide rolls of 20# bond paper.

At your disposal, I have 36, 24, and 18 inch wide paper rolls for all your printing needs.

And if your plans don't fit on what I have (I'd love to see that) I can easily format to print on multiple pages without you having to arrange a thousand letter size pages on your living room floor.

Pages are priced by the linear foot (LF) based on the roll width. Buyer pays shipping.
36" roll = $1.05 / LF
24" roll = $1.00 / LF
18" roll = $0.95 / LF

Discounted shipping for orders over $25.00 USD
Discounted printing for orders over $20.00 USD

Shipping to USA only right now.
International shipping TBD.