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Plans tab request

Just a request/recommendation, put a button or tab on the page allowing users to navigate to the 'Plans Stash". Whether that's another button next to 'Show' 'Articles' 'Store' 'Forum' or if you put it in the graphical button row that starts with 'Planes' and ends with the gremlin logo button 'Articles'.

Either way I think it would really be a help if you were able to navigate to Plans directly rather than have to find the original article and dig through that way.

Up to you if you want to make the plans section separated by Flite Test and other plans or just have it be Flite Test plans solely.

Would allow people to maybe come to access some of the flyers they didn't know about through looking at the plans, then go back and seek out the article and the build guide for it. I've done that occasionally on other forums, seen a thread show up on the 'most recent posts' indicator and went "Hmm that sounds interesting" and went to look.


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As David has said, "Just do it! Suck it up! ...here is a straw..." :p

You know I couldn't resist, Fred...