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Please help me to replace my FPV Tx Setup!


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So I bought a Fatshark Predator V2 kit a while ago and have since destroyed my TX, battery splitter thing and camera etc in a nasty crash.

I'm firmly an FPV noob and need some reasurance of what gear to get that will definitely work as a replacement! I'm based in the UK and it seems that there are no transmitter bundles avaliable. Maybe someone could come to my rescue and suggest some components that will work together. Ideally I'd like to replace the cables too as I think some of those may be damaged and don't want to risk it.

Please could someone help me? Cheers :)
hey JamesWhom,for a camera i definately would reccomend the new runcam split.This has a fpv option but at the same time acts as a normal camera and records the video at 1080p60fps.This would also save you a lottt of weight as a go pro would not be needed.The entire setup is 21 grams!.However it is sligtly expensive at around 74$ here is the link-https://www.banggood.com/Runcam-Split-1080P-DVR-FPV-Camera-WithWithout-WiFi-2_5mm-FOV-130-165-Degree-NTSC-PAL-Support-64G-TF-p-1159850.html?p=WM26066628141201609D
this camera does require a seperate transmitter though.

This is a nice powerfull tx with switchable powers at 25/200/600 mw.https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-TX526-5_8G-40CH-25MW200MW600MW-Switchable-AV-Wireless-FPV-Transmitter-RP-SMA-Female-p-1083642.html?p=WM26066628141201609D

If u want a cheaper even lighter setup u could get a vtx but i dont really reccomend it.(i use it because i cant really spend much on more expensive things.I have to spend pocket money wisely :D.)Theese are very cheap but are incredibly fragile so i dont really recomend it.Below is the vtx i use.no seperate tx is required though as it is an all in one.

this is the eachine tx03 it is a switchable power vtx and swithces between 25/50 and 200 mw.

happy flying!


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James, it may help if you told us a little more about your quad. How did the old camera mount? Do you still have the antenna that came with your old system? And what's your budget?

The cameras and VTXs have come a long way in the last ~6 months, so we can definitely help you find something.