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Please help


Junior Member
Hello. Love the site and all the vids. Ive got everything i need to build the "nutball". This is about my seventh hour on night 2 trying to find the swappable fusealage plans. About to loose my mind. PLEASE somebody give me a link or something! I know it says theres a link in the vid description, but its not on my computer????? Goodnight.
Since it is a swapable the fuse is on most of the swappable plans. here is the link to the plan on the Baby Blender page that has the swappable fuse. http://forum.flitetest.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6162&d=1350915258

But if you go to the Nutball Scratch Build page http://flitetest.com/articles/nutball_scratch_build you will see the plan part way down the page, it's the big white box. They have since gone to PDF documents as the link above shows you. open the pdf above, hit the print key and when the printer dialogue box comes up select the poster tab and set the scale to 100% and turn on cut marks. This will spit out the plans in tile format on your printer for you to line up the cut marks and tape them together.

I too was once confused at how to find the plans. Its a simple matter of there are multiple threads on the forum from everyone about they're nutball. There are two videos on the plane and one article and it's in the article that the build video is linked and the plans are shown. This website didn't spring up overnight and the methods of doing things has refined over a short but furious period. You'll catch on. Well, I did so I'm assuming the rest of the world will catch on quicker.