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Polaris Seaplane


Junior Member
I've loved the Polaris ever sense I first got into R/C flight. My current living situation (over seas) prevents me from building right now but I have my parts list ready for a 212% supersized Polaris I plan to build when I get stateside.

If you're not familiar with the Polaris, it's a super stable delta type plane that can fly from land, water or snow. You can view the site to purchase the official kit here though plans are available to download for free. the 212% scale comes form my intention to use 1/2 inch Home Depot (Corning) Foam as opposed to the 6mm Dapron called for in the plans. There are a number of resource on the net including build videos, notably from How2RC but none have the production value FlightTest can bring.

So my vote would be to see a super scale Polaris build and review.