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Polyhedral on DT Foamboard wing?

Hello. I recently built Ed's Axon from ExperimentalAirlines (Axon video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKh1gjmTKvw) out of Dollar Tree foamboard and it was my first plane so I crashed it and bashed it a few times and now I am working on repairing it and modifying it to my liking.

One thing I want to try to do is add polyhedral angle to the wings. What is the best way for doing this on a foamboard wing? I used Ed's Armin wing technique and it is a 60" wingspan with a 7" chord and 2" ailerons.
I am either going to modify my current wings or build entirely new ones. Here is a hobbyking plane with wings like what I want to make: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__21932__Hobbyking_E_Fair_Balsa_Glider_1540mm_ARF_.html

My main questions are what is the best way to build and support polyhedral wings?
Can I have my ailerons on the "curved up" ends of the wing and then flaps on the flat part?
I thought I had another question but I can't remember it at the current moment :p
Thanks for the help!

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Hey Ham.
My rule of thumb For polyhedral is to have 70% flat, and 15% on Each angled tip.
As to support, an angled foam extension of the spar works very well for me.
Yes, you can put them in those positions.
Just build three Armin wings, one for the center, and two for the tips, then bevel them to a 10 degree angle, and glue them together, using strips of Extreme tape to reinforce the joint.
Hope this Helps!
Foam Addict.