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Pool noodle hubs

Pool noodles ...
Cheap as the water they float on and can absorb shock with the best of materials.
Unfortunately, they tend to shun many adhesives and if dowels are used for hubs, they tend to need to be a bit wide to keep from coming apart.
Well, I got me a 3D printer and dove in on the problem.
These are two piece hubs designed for 20MM slices of noodle.
The noodle foam is well supported and should not pitch any fits about staying on these hubs.
The good Lord will provide, but it's up to you to keep your powder dry


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Pool noodles seem to be a multi use item however I've never used one for R/C. I do have a 3D printer and am always eager to try new designs. I hate to reveal my dumbassity but could you please post pictures of the printed parts in use?

I've made some revisions to the thing, spawning it into things.
hub assembly was improved for fit and a noodle cutting guide was also included for each of the 4 wheel widths.
it also means I made a mess of the archive ... seek the .zip .. Ill clean up the crime scene later after I've downed a few home brews.

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