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Portable FPV plane build

Hello flitetest,

I am Going to try and build a plan that can be split down into a backpack so I can hike to remote places to fly. I am basicing my design off of a skywalker. Looking to haul a go pro and 2 2200mah batteries. Going to use pink foam for the fuselage and make either a km1 or km3 airfoils with wingspan of 60" so it will split into two 30" sections. Also I was going to make the tail out of 10mm carbon fiber square rod and somehow make the tail remove able from the fuselage. Would that carbon rod be strong enough? Finally I was looking at doing a v tail on thr rear to make it easier to travel and if there is some rough landing it will keep it up and out if the way. Any ideas or suggestions I hope to start the build soon....