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Possible new challenges


Junior Member
I thought of some challenges to do on the show:

  • Fly through a hula hoop suspended in the air
  • Do competition to stay in the air the longest on small battery charge ( tests gliding skills)
  • Make a "swing wing airplane" where the wings rotate back mid-flite (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN1CgAYFDvA&feature=relmfu)
  • Do airplane sliding/drifting with the rudder, maybe around pylon course
  • Play tug of war in midair with two planes :), tie a string to the tails of the two planes. Or tie them and try to survive in the air
  • Try to land the plane by snagging it in the air with a hook on the end of a rope, rope tied to a standing structure,(there is a complementary hook on the airplane wing tip)