Post your best flying videos!


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Some really nice videos in this thread :applause:

I think that my best video is "Durafly Tundra on water in beautiful nature surroundings", nice scenery, perfect whether and nice and relaxed flying. I do also just love the transition I have at 07:04 (Klick here for a direct link) It starts about 50 cm from the water and I pull up so it looks like I'm doing a loop and comes out high and does a spin straight down from about 100 meters. So from 50 cm to a 100 meters in 1 second......:cool: or just klick at the video under here to watch the whole film........ ;)



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Maiden flight of the Creamsicle FT Pietenpol.


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I recorded this in 2005...hard to believe it was that long ago already, but still one of my favorites. Handled like its big brother, sounded like it too, just smaller and more angry, trees were no match for it, and it ripped!


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That Pietenpol looks so scale, Maxstudio. You did an awesome job with painting it! It must look almost like the real thing when you're flying high :)

It would!...if i didn't always rip off the landing gear or some other nice part trying to get it into the air! LOL hand launching sucks! the grass here in florida is just too rough for a runway take off.




This is from a while back. Hoping to get some new video out soon. My buddy and I started this a month or so ago. Hopefully we can bring some more cool content to the RC Hobby. Either way we are having a blast flying and making videos.


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The Mighty Mini Scout with motor and esc upgraded

I built the mini scout and put a motor and esc that i had lying around in. It flew but was under powered. Got an emax 1806 downsized the prop to a 6030 and with the 2s, 800mah batt she flew great. Had a chance for a quick fly after work today.



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Ripped this flight the other evening when it was really to dark to see. When I lightened the video it was pretty smooth. Notice how low the sun was behind me and the trees. Maybe I should try flying with my eyes closed so I am not so nervous and twitchy about crashing.