Power Distribuition board for Drone Build


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Looking for a power distribution board options for a drone build.
I ordered a brainFPV off of ebay, the board looks fine, but seems rather small for what I am building.

My drone frame is 14" wide from the center of motor to center of motor.

Also if anyone can suggest a website or youtube video on this topic, i would greatly appreciate it.

I really want to build a even larger drone, in the near future, something like the large racing drone.


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If you build a 3 or 5” it’s more usual now to buy either a stack, with FC, ESC and sometimes video transmitter, which doesn’t need a PDB, or to use an All In One (AIO) flight controller, which doesn’t need a PDB either. Stacks and FC’s can get as small as 16x16 now, the 20x20 Mamba stack can run a 3 or 5”.
If you want to use a separate PDB and ESC’s I would recommend picking one that has really good documentation and wiring info, I like the Matek boards for this, as it will make your life much easier. Avoid any non F4 or F7 boards as well, don’t be tempted by garbage kits on eBay with old Naze32 or CCD32 boards on, these are Stone Age tech now and much harder to set up and fly.
If you have bought a Brain FPV Radix they do their own PDB to go with it, this one, so search for that. I don’t like buying FC’s off EBay, better to use a proper retailer like Race Day Quads so you get links to the user manual and won’t get sold a fake or cloned board either.
It sounds like you have a 5” frame already. Which one did you buy?
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