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Power Pack C Motor Advice?

I recently finished my FT Spitfire, but ordered the wrong motor (small, 29 gram Hextronic). The plane flew, but had awful aileron authority, probably due to the low airspeed. I ordered the larger motor, (http://tinyurl.com/ozmops4) an NTM Prop Drive Series but could not find any clear instructions on how to properly mount the motor to the powerpod (all the FT tutorials are for the 29 gram Hextronic).

Here is a picture of all I have to work with:


I have a feeling the motor mounts on the front of the plywood, and something bolts on to the motor, but I am not sure. I could make it work as is, but I really want to finish this airplane properly, and any advice would be appreciated!


If you rotate the motor 1/4 turn then the X mount will line up with the pre drilled holes in the firewall. However you're missing the NTM accessory mount which includes a prop adapter.