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Power Pack C

Hi, is the Power Pack C (Fixed Wing Large) listed in the power pack page, good for the FT-22 Raptor? Already have the airframe just need the power pack. I notice on the page for the raptor, it (the power pack) has 1 motor but on the page for the power pack itself, it shows 2 motors. I know there are 2 power pack c's and I am not looking at the one for twin engine. Just a little confused. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance! Thanks!


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the GT2215/09 is a beefy little motor, but it's fairly low KV for it's weight on something like an FT-22. It's really going to prefer a 10" prop, where the slot will *BARELY* support a 9" prop, but underpropped it should work.

At some point in the future, you might prefer moving to a higher KV motor for a bit more punch and speed, but it should work.

Keep in mind -- that kit ships with 10x4.7" props. You'll need to buy another prop -- for the FT-22 a 9x6" or smaller will do.
Thanks for the quick response, I think I should have asked instead, " is the power pack (c)on the power pack page the same as the one that is available on the FT-22 page where you can select power packs?)It seems like it isn't? And YES, I definitely want a fast motor. Hoping you can steer me in the right direction.Thank you again for your help!
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Actually it almost certainly *is* the same pack . . . but I'm not sure the guys realize yet the prop in this pack won't work on this kit.

. . . well, without taking a 1/2" chunk out of the sides of the slot, that is :eek:

Keep in mind, these packs are NEW. I mean TODAY NEW. There will be kinks to work out on this.

BTW, Forgot to mention it before, Welcome to the forum!
I can't help but wonder if the pack (B) will be better. It's the only option now when you go to the FT22-Raptor page. Maybe with a higher KV motor like Craftydan spoke of!?! I guess I'll wait it out. It's not like I need it tomorrow anyways. I live in Maine, and we haven't had the best of weather here this winter to say the least.


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I actually talked with Josh that evening -- the prop length in that pack was a surprise that day. They'd flown the FT-22 with that motor and a 9x6 and while it gives a lot of speed, he didn't care for how it flew -- far too heavy for his taste, and the extra torque gave it some nasty low speed tendencies. He had some of the same comments for the versa -- It will fly, but in pusher mode, that motor needs far more counterbalancing ballast that most people want, making the plane VERY heavy.

The motor he described for the "B" pack is far better suited for the FT-22, although you'll probably need to move the battery much farther forward to put the balance in the right spot.

As for availability . . . it's up to shipping. They got their shipment of what they needed for the A and C packs, but quite a bit more is still somewhere between FT and the factory :p

If you don't want to wait, either option 1 or 2 on the store page, or a CF2822 motor should fly fine with an 8x4.5"-ish prop. Motor 1 you might get away with a 10A ESC, the others you'll probably want to pick up an 18A.
Well, I got my plane in the air today! I went ahead and picked up a Park 300 motor and an 18 amp esc. Paired those up with a 500mah 3s bat, (the biggest 3s I have at the moment), and a 9x4.7 prop. Threw her in the air and she flew great!.....for about 3 minutes. I noticed the power diminishing, had to go full throttle to keep it up, so I landed. The battery was real hot. Not sure whats going on there but I was bummed. I think maybe I need a bigger (more mah) bat? The battery was at 3.67 per cell after flight. I've had batteries that low in the past and not get hot like that, so I'm not sure what to think. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance, Smitty
The battery is hot because its been delivering more amps than it was capable off. You'd need a beefier battery. Either more capacity (mAH) or a higher C rating or both. Keep in mind that the amps the battery can theoretically deliver is capacity x C rating. So if we assume you have a 25C battery, in theory it should deliver 0.5AH x 25C = 12.5A. The reality is usually a lot lower, think >50% lower.

That said, some quick googling on your motor als suggests a 9x47 is also a bit much for that motor on 3S. Suggested props on 3S range from 6x5 to 8x3.8.
Thanks Zoom for that explanation. Makes perfect sense. Spoke with a buddy of mine today who has flown for 30 years and he confirms just what you said also. More battery sounds like the answer. It definitely needs a higher capacity (its c rating is 50c. I knew that from the get go but just wanted to get it in the air. Never expecting it to get that hot!
Thanks also for the prop suggestions. I will heed your advice. Happy flying,
Well, I got a new battery today. It is said in the flyer they send out with the FT-22 that they suggest between a 500mah and 1300mah. I went with a 3S 1300 Pulse 35C. Way to heavy, I couldn't put it back far enough to even BEGIN to get to a decent C.O.G.
Guess I went to the other extreme? Oh, and I went with an 8x6 prop. Didn't get to try it though as I didn't dare fly it that nose heavy, and I mean "flip over in my hands" nose heavy. I've read where guys say they use 1300-1800mah batteries so this is frustrating. I know how good it flies when using the 500mah bats, but that lasts about 2 minutes and they heat up!
AGGHHHH!!! Maybe a 1000mah bat?
Similar Scenario. Ebay 2200KV and Power pack C motors with F-22 Raptor.

I have a similar scenario. This is the set up I purchased on Ebay to get some more speed out of my Raptor:


I'm using a 2200KV-Brushless-Motor-2212-6, thunder power 910mah battery and a 7 X 5 prop (someone at the field gave the prop to me and said, "Here try this. This will be faster." (That may be my problem, "hot" prop.)
The JST connectors started to melt on the ESC side, lol. Luckily I brought her down when I did.

I knew I was running a "hot" setup and I was warned about the small JST wires being limited to a certain amperage and possibly melting but I was not expecting such immediate results.

Criticism and Recommendations are welcome : )

Rest assured, I did not come on the Flite Test forum to boast about my Ebay purchase. I also purchased the Power Pack C with twin motors recently. I want to get my friends into flying so I bought the twin pack with them in mind.

I wanted to know if there is a prop size recommended for the 2200kv on the F-22. And would an 8 X 6 be too much prop for the motors that came with the power pack c. (Emaxx GT2215/09's)

Thank you in advance for any advice given, Johnny J.

PS. I bought my first brushless motor from COBRAMOTORSUSA. They were recommended by my local hobby shop Uncle Don's in Palm Desert. I have to say that they have the best prop chart and specs for each motor that I have ever seen on a website or anywhere.

Any other sites to recommend that have the same amount of info and specs for motors?

Example: http://www.cobramotorsusa.com/motors-2208-34.html


Thanks Again and Happy Flying.
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